We are a self-managed project, meaning that each and every single one of us takes on some responsibility – a role – to keep the coop running. This work is organised horizontally (i.e. we strive to eliminate hierarchies) in Working Groups (WGs). Each WG meets once a week; proposals from WGs are brought to a bi-weekly General Meeting (GM) for wider co-op discussion and approval. The Working Groups are:


Putting the ‘operation’ in ‘co-operation’. Find out in this WG why the building looks as good as it does and how all the appliances are still working. If you’re good with your hands or keen to learn, this is for you.


All things legal and administrative are taken care of by this WG. Logistical stuff is your talent? Then this could be the WG of your dreams.


Money money money! The Finance WG makes sure we’ve got the bucks to continue existing and flourishing, and that bills are paid on time. Artfully balancing budget sheets and dealing with invoices is your thing? You’ll fit right in here.


This WG is pretty self-reflective and addresses the democratic structures of the co-op to help make getting involved and having your voice heard more effective. If equality ticks your box, get to this WG.


This group deals with all things social and community orientated. From outreach to parties, and event planning to documenting our lives. If people and their welfare are your jam, this is the WG for you.

Principle 6

The obscure name for this group comes from the 6th of the 7 cooperative principles: cooperation among cooperatives. The members in this group are in touch with our umbrella organisations – Student Coop Homes (SCH) and Students for Cooperation (SfC) – to contribute to the wider coop movement. Keen on more housing coops elsewhere? This is the working group for you!