Join the Co-op

As a fully mutual housing co-operative, all residents are also part-owners (known as “members” in co-op lingo) of ESHC. So, if you would like to live in the Co-op, then in most cases you’ll also have to join as a member. Co-op members are responsible for the day-to-day management of our housing. We are, in effect, our own landlords. As such, all members take on specific duties (or “roles”) to ensure that all the work gets done. To learn more about how we run things here, visit this page.

As a student co-op, we operate on the following academic calendar (dates inclusive):

  • Term 1: September–December
  • Term 2: January–May
  • Summer: June–August

Rent typically changes on 1st September each year. As such, members can sign tenancy agreements for up to one year (1st Sep–31st Aug), but they can also sign for whole terms as defined above e.g. an Erasmus student coming to Edinburgh just for the Spring could sign a tenancy for 1st Jan–31st May or their tenancy could end 31st Aug if they want to stay for the Summer.

Current members who continue to satisfy our membership requirements (i.e. of being a student and participating actively in the Co-op) can sign new tenancies as needed. We believe in secure housing!

Member Applications

We have two open application periods each year: September Applications and January Applications.

September Applications

Applications for September move-in generally open in February, with decisions sent out to applicants by late February/early March. All applicants from this period who accept an offer of a place will be guaranteed a room—and will be responsible for rent—from 1st September. Given that some members move out at the end of May, we often can admit some new members as early as 1st June.

January Applications

Applications for January move-in generally open in October, with decisions sent out to applicants by mid-November. All applicants from this period who accept an offer of a place will be guaranteed a room—and will be responsible for rent—from 1st January.

If you are interested in living in the Co-op for at least one term, go here to apply for membership.

Summer Members

Many of our members (especially those graduating or going abroad) move out 31st May, and most new members move in 1st September. As such, we often have rooms open for new residents just for the summer months, June through August.

If you would like to become a member and live in the Co-op just during the summer, visit this page.


Some members sublet their rooms for shorter periods of time and over parts of the summer. Subletting is privately conducted between the member and the person subletting. However, the Co-op has a strict policy that no member may generate a financial profit through subletting their room. That is, if you are subletting a room in the Co-op, you should be paying the same rent that any member pays (pro-rata if less than a month). If you are paying more than the current rent, please let us know.

If you would like to sublet a room for a shorter period of time, this is the page for you.