Subletting Requests

Many of our members choose to rent out their rooms while they’re away for shorter periods, often over holidays. Please note that, as per our tenancy agreements, a sublet cannot last for longer than eight weeks.

Subletting is a private agreement between the member and their subletter. Subletting is only a short term arrangement and does not lead to membership or full-time tenancy. The Co-op has a strict policy that no member may generate a financial profit through subletting their room. That is, if you are subletting a room in the Co-op, you should be paying the same rent that any member pays (pro-rata if less than a month). If you are paying more than the current rent, please let us know.

Subletting is coordinated by the coop’s subletting coordinator to ensure that sublets are well-matched and organised with the consent of flatmates.

Please fill out the form below if you are looking for a sublet – we will get in touch with you once you submit the form.

Are you searching for a room to sublet? Fill in the request form here.
Are you a member looking to sublet their room? Please let us know here.