We will now primarily be using this website for applications. Click here to view the old website anyway.


If you would like this information in another format, please email us for more information.

Application Deadline: 27.02.2019

Use the application form at the bottom of this page to apply to the Co-op. If you would like to submit your application through other means, please contact eshc.logistics@gmail.com.

Below, prospective applicants will find necessary information including current rents, shares in the Co-op, and responsibilities of membership. Please do take the time to read this – it’s important stuff!

Please note that we only accept applications from individuals.

Open days and application process

If you want to get to know the Co-op and its people before applying, we are hosting OPEN DAYS on Sunday 17th and Sunday 24th February (times will be posted on our social media). We will show you around the building, introduce you to the workings of our Student Housing Cooperative and answer any questions you might have over some tea and biscuits!

Once you have applied, your application will be reviewed by the current members of the Co-op. We will get back to you as soon as possible, but definitely within 1-2 weeks!


The current rent (until the end of August 2019) is £322 per month. This includes all utilities, internet, and general use flat goods (e.g. basic cleaning supplies and loo roll). We also require a deposit of £100 (this is different from your share – see below). This is subjective to a small increase due to inflation.

Move-In Date

Tenancies can start on June 1st or September 1st, 2019. You can move-in after that date, but you’ll be liable for rent from the 1st of the given month. (E.g. If you’d like to move in September 12th, that’s OK, but you would need to begin your tenancy and rent payments from September 1st)

Membership Share

To become a member, you will have to buy a limited liability share in the company. Owning a share makes you a part owner of Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative Ltd, and entitles you and all other members to an equal say in how the co-operative is managed. Owning a share also means you accept the responsibilities of membership (see below). To become a tenant you must become a member. You must also be a matriculated student of a further or higher education institution to be a member. Shares cost £100, which is returned in full when you move out of the co-op (and thus cease being a member!). The share is ‘risk capital’, so in the unlikely event that the co-op goes bankrupt, you may lose your £100.

Membership Responsabilities

A housing co-operative is more than just an affordable place to live. In fact, it is affordable for the very reason that we manage and maintain our home ourselves—we are the landlords.

As such, we expect all members to contribute actively to running the Co-op. The average member is expected to contribute 3-6 hours per week, including attending meetings. Whilst being flexible to member needs, we take member participation very seriously.

The Work Sharing Plan is a way of making sure all the work in the co-op gets done and that everyone contributes in an equal way. The system assigns roles to individual members and support them in carrying out their assigned role. There are many ways to contribute, from helping to manage our financial accounts to organising social events. Please refer to the ‘Current Projects’ and ‘Working Groups’ sections on our website to learn more about how you could participate in the co-op.

We also highly recommend coming to one of our open days to see how the co-op works (see above and check out homepage/social media).

Equality & Diversity

If you think there may be any barriers to you becoming a member and living in the co-operative, please do let us know and we will try to help.

We aim for the co-operative to be a safe and welcoming community, with zero tolerance to discrimination—a space where minority groups and those traditionally oppressed within society can feel welcome and able to participate fully.